A DUI conviction could make you unable to drive.

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Fred, Construction Worker

I knew as soon as the charges came down that my future as a heavy machinery operator was at risk. Fortunately, a buddy of mine told me about Dwi-Legal-Defense.com and they were able to get the charges dropped and my record cleared. What a relief.

Somerville New Jersey DUI Laws are some of the country's strictest. Let us help after an arrest.

Wayne, Director

I was stopped at a checkpoint on the way home from a cast party and I didn’t think I had that much, but apparently the breathalyzer showed me over the limit. Dwi-Legal-Defense.com looked into it and found out that the equipment was malfunctioning all night. Great attention to detail!

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Somerville , borough (town), seat (1784) of Somerset county, north-central New Jersey, U.S. It lies along the Raritan River, 10 miles (16 km) northwest of New Brunswick. Settled by Dutch farmers in the 1680s, it took its present name in 1801. The Wallace House (a state historic site) was headquarters for General George Washington during the American Revolution in the winter of 1778 - 79. Somerville's growth was stimulated by the opening of the Delaware and Raritan Canal in 1834 and by the completion of the Elizabethtown and Somerville (later Jersey Central) Railroad in 1842. The borough is now a trade centre for nearby farm and industrial areas. Its light manufactures include pharmaceuticals and electronic equipment.Sept. 11, 2001 memorial, with court house in the background, Somerville, N.J., U.S. ekem The Old Dutch Parsonage (1751), a state historic site, was where Rutgers University (now in New Brunswick) and the New Brunswick Theological Seminary were established. The Duke estate, established by tobacco magnate James B. Duke, is now a research and exhibition centre for the New York Horticultural Society. The Knox-Porter Resolution, ending the state of war between the United States and the Central Powers (Germany and Austria-Hungary), was signed (July 2, 1921) by President Warren G. Harding at the Somerville estate of Joseph Frelinghuysen. Raritan ValleyCommunityCollege (1965) is in the borough. Inc. town, 1864; borough, 1909. Pop. (2000) 12, 423; (2010) 12, 098.

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Somerville - Identifying Critical Factors DUI Cases Articles

In 2001 alone, 1.4 million drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. That's one DUI arrest for every 137 licensed drivers in the United States. The statistic is even more sobering when you consider 41 percent or 17,419 of traffic fatalities recorded in 2002 were alcohol-related. Chances are most of us know someone who has either been arrested for drunk driving or has been injured or killed in an alcohol related crash.

By educating yourself, you can avoid becoming one of the statistics.

RULE #1: Don't do it. If you consume alcohol--even in small amounts--just don't drive. Consider the possible consequences when compared to a $40.00 cab ride. The fines in some cities and states for driving under the influence can exceed $10,000, to say nothing of its effect on your insurance.

Drunk driving is a misnomer.

The majority of DUI arrestees will tell you, 'But I don't feel drunk.' The fact is they probably don't. Most states have adopted the .08% Blood Alcohol Level (BAL or BAC in most states) as the measuring stick for DUI. It is defined as the amount of alcohol in your blood stream recorded in milligrams per 100 milliliters of blood. That is a very small amount of alcohol--so small that you may not feel any effect at all.

Your BAC has NOTHING...repeat, NOTHING to do with alcohol tolerance. Even if you can drink 4 martinis in two hours and only 'feel' a little tipsy, the truth is you were probably over the .08% level two martinis ago. Your alcohol tolerance rises and falls with the frequency of your drinking, but our BAC remains constant.

RULE #2: 'But, I wasn't weaving.' Guess what? It doesn't matter. You can be pulled over for a minor traffic violation like a cracked taillight and still be arrested for drunk driving. Officers can determine you were driving under the influence based solely on your performance during a field sobriety test. It doesn't matter if you were driving perfectly when you were pulled over. If the officer did happen to witness you weaving or displaying signs of impaired driving prior to the traffic stop, it only serves to strengthen his or her case against you after your arrest.

RULE #3: The Field Sobriety Tests.

Once an officer finds reason to detain you, he or she will most likely ask you to perform a voluntary Field Sobriety Test or FST. Contrary to popular belief, you will not be asked to recite the alphabet backwards or rub your stomach and pat your head while standing on one foot. But you will have to perform a number of simple tests designed to determine if your balance, coordination, and comprehension are impaired by alcohol.

RULE #4: Take a deep breath and blow, but only when you have to. There are typically two types of breath tests for a DUI: the one given before arrest and the one given after arrest. The pre-arrest test, sometimes called the Preliminary Alcohol Screening (PAS) test, is typically administered once you have completed or have failed to complete a Field Sobriety Test.

Remember:You have the right to refuse this test. So, REFUSE THIS TEST.

Some of you might have heard that sticking metal in your mouth will fool the test. This is simply an urban legend. You can suck on batteries, stick a penny under your tongue, or lick all the tin foil you want. The test will still be accurate. So, if you've made a habit out of driving home from the local pub with a Duracell in your mouth, you should consider calling a taxi instead.


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Video: Your First Step After a DUI Arrest? Call Us.



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